Grandparents are tech-savvy this Christmas

21 Dec 2012
Virus News

If you thought your granny or grandad would be happy with the traditional pair of socks this Christmas, think again. UK adults 55 and over are tech-savvy, with 41 per cent putting a tablet, smartphone or laptop on their Christmas list this year, according to a new online survey by YouGov Plc for Kaspersky Lab. Only three per cent of the older generation (55-plus) actually said they wish to receive socks, whilst a surprising 21 per cent of 18-24 year olds, and 15 per cent of 25-34 year olds said they would like to unwrap a pair of socks this Christmas.

When considering what to buy your grandparents for Christmas, knitwear would normally seem like a safe bet. However, according to the survey only five per cent of 55-plus year olds in the UK would like to receive a Christmas jumper this year. However, it seems that young people in the UK do want a cosy Christmas, with 14 per cent of 18-24 year olds putting a Christmas jumper on their wishlist. These figures suggest that older people are more concerned with a gift that is going to keep them better connected to family and friends this Christmas, also allowing them to surf the web, shop and bank from the comfort of their sofa.

Challenging traditional stereotypes, UK adults further showed how the older generation is steering away from the expected gift choices this year due to technology. Although 26 per cent of 55 and overs said they would like a book this Christmas, younger people proved they are bigger bookworms, with 36 per cent of 18-24 year olds and 35 per cent of 25-34 year olds putting a book on their list. 6 per cent of 55 and overs will even be asking to receive festival tickets this Christmas.

With more of the older generation welcoming technology into their lives, it’s important to understand the security risks surrounding such devices. Some may not understand how to protect their newest Christmas gifts. 44 per cent of all UK adults will be asking for a tablet, laptop or smartphone this Christmas. However, recent Kaspersky Lab research  shows that 65 per cent of smartphone owners, 16 per cent of laptop owners and 50 per cent of Macbook owners do not bother to protect their device, leaving a wealth of personal information easily accessible to cybercriminals. Those wishing to receive one of these devices this Christmas need to consider keeping it secure all year round.
“The whole nation is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Gone are the days when technology was aimed solely at younger people, it is no longer age dependant”, said David Emm, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. “As more mature consumers open their eyes to what technology has to offer, they need to be aware that times have changed, and issues such as cybercrime and malware are at the forefront of modern Internet activity and are developing fast. However, there are simple Internet security measures you can put in place to make technology fun and safe for all ages this Christmas.”

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