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20 Aug 2014   Virus News

City of London Police and Kaspersky Lab lead the way in combatting fraud

Kaspersky Lab joins forces with City of London Police to educate police forces and businesses across Britain on ways to tackle cybercrime

20 Aug 2014   Virus News

Kaspersky Lab identifies a cyber-espionage campaign targeting Latin America

Kaspersky Lab announces the discovery of a new cyber-espionage campaign code-named ‘Machete’.

19 Aug 2014   Press Releases

Caught in a social net: users expose themselves to cybercriminals

According to the results of a survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, only a small number of respondents understand the risks associated with active use of social networks. Those who use mobile devices to access social networking sites are at greatest risk.

15 Aug 2014   Spam News

Spam in Q2: the UK is the no.1 target for malicious mass mailings

Analysis of spam developments in Q2 2014 by Kaspersky Lab experts revealed a growth in unsolicited correspondence and new cybercrime tricks. The percentage of spam in all email traffic during the second quarter of the year came to 68.6 per cent, up 2.2 percentage points from the previous quarter. The US tops the rating of the most popular spam sources, accounting for 13.4 per cent of junk mail sent worldwide. Russia came second, accounting for six per cent of world spam, followed by Vietnam in third place (five per cent).

14 Aug 2014   Press Releases

One in Five Manufacturing Firms Lose Intellectual Property

According to a survey of business IT managers worldwide, 21 per cent of manufacturers suffered a loss of intellectual property (IP) within the past year. Malware was the most common cause of data loss incidents for manufacturers, although other types of cyber-incidents – including software vulnerabilities, theft of mobile devices, network intrusion, etc. – were also cited as sources of IP leakage.

07 Aug 2014   Virus News

The Epic Snake: Unraveling the mysteries of the Turla cyber-espionage campaign

The “Epic” operation serves as the first phase in a multi-stage infection of the Turla campaign

31 Jul 2014   Virus News

Crouching Yeti: an ongoing spying campaign with 2 800+ highly valuable targets worldwide

New malicious tools, an expanded list of victims, and other features related to the Crouching Yeti campaign, also known as Energetic Bear.

30 Jul 2014   Comparative Tests, Product news

Kaspersky Internet Security Awarded MRG Effitas Online Banking Browser Security Certification

According to the results of the quarterly efficacy assessment of online transaction security conducted by MRG Effitas, Kaspersky Internet Security has received certification for its effective protection of financial information.

29 Jul 2014   Business News

Companies are ready to take a risk, ignoring IT strategy

According to Kaspersky Lab’s 2014 IT Security Risks summary report, conducted in collaboration with B2B International, 94% of companies have experienced some form of external security incidents within the past 12 months.

29 Jul 2014   Virus News

2014 Cybercrime World Cup Brazil

According to the Monthly Report on Online Threats in the Banking Sector for the period 19 May-19 June 2014, a peak in malware activity was registered in Brazil.

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