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15 Oct 2012 [Virus News]
Kaspersky Lab découvre « miniFlame » : un nouveau programme malveillant conçu pour des opérations de cyberespionnage extrêmement ciblées
Kaspersky Lab, éditeur reconnu de solutions de sécurité informatique, annonce aujourd’hui la découverte de miniFlame, un programme malveillant agile, conçu pour voler des données et prendre le contrôle des systèmes infectés durant...

14 Feb 2012 [Virus News]
More than half of UK companies have been infected by malware
Over half (62%) of UK companies have experienced malware infections, according to a survey carried out by Kaspersky Lab .

24 Apr 2011 [Business News]
Kaspersky Lab statement
Kaspersky Lab confirms that an operation to free Ivan Kaspersky was carried out succesfully by the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Criminal Investigation Department of the Moscow Police and Kaspersky Lab's own security personnel. Ivan is alive and well and is currently located at a safe location....

22 Apr 2011 [Business News]
Kaspersky Lab statement
Kaspersky Lab respectfully asks members of the media to refrain from speculating and distributing unconfirmed information about alleged events related to the Kaspersky family. Eugene Kaspersky continues his day-to-day work at the company, and has stated that the unconfirmed information being spread...

10 Jun 2010 [Virus News]
The most polymorphic virus around today
Kaspersky Lab announces the publication of an article titled ‘A Review of Virus.Win32.Virut.ce’ by Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky, a Senior Virus Analyst with Kaspersky Lab.

14 May 2010 [Product News]
Kaspersky Open Space Security R2 named winner of the Platinum Brand Award
Kaspersky Lab announces that Kaspersky Open Space Security R2 has been awarded the Platinum Brand Award for business security software by Hong Kong's PC3 and PC3 Corporate magazines

04 Nov 2009 [Business News]
Kaspersky Lab Enters D-Link's Global Alliance Program
Kaspersky Lab and D-Link Sign Agreement to Enhance NetDefend Product Line

22 Jun 2009 [Business News]
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visits Kaspersky Lab in Moscow
Kaspersky Lab's Moscow offices host the inaugural meeting of Russia’s Commission on the Modernization and Technological Development of the Economy, chaired by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

17 Jun 2009 [Business News]
Kaspersky Lab patents cutting-edge technology to combat increasingly sophisticated malware
A new technology that detects and deletes malicious software and removes any trace of its effects by running automatically generated scripts is patented by Kaspersky Lab in the US.

16 Jun 2009 [Business News]
Kaspersky Lab Expands Partnership with Juniper Networks
Kaspersky Lab announces that its cutting-edge antivirus technologies have been integrated into Juniper Networks' SRX-Series Services Gateways and J-Series Services Routers - antivirus filters which are an essential component of any network protection system.
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