Affiliate Partners

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    Why Join Kaspersky Lab?

    Kaspersky Lab products are famous worldwide for their unmatched quality. Learn more about our award-winning products and find out why you should become a partner with Kaspersky Lab.

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    Our Affiliate Partner Program

    The purpose of an affiliate program is to build valuable partnerships that will help promote sales of our quality Kaspersky Lab products. In return, our partners are rewarded with very competitive commission rates.

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    Ready to sell exceptional products? Want to be a part of the Kaspersky Lab team? Then now is the time to register! Simply fill out an application form, and you will be ready to start selling Kaspersky Lab products!

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    Promote Kaspersky Lab Products

    We have a lot of materials online that can help you sell Kaspersky Lab products. On top of useful product information, we also offer resources that will make your users interested in purchasing our products, such as free trial versions and a free virus scanner.

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