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Frequently Asked Questions

My license hasn’t expired yet. Will I lose the remaining days if I renew now?

No, if you renew your license for the same number of devices, any days remaining on your current license will be added on to your new one.
However, if you change the number of devices, your new license term will only begin once your current one has ended. Add your new activation to Kaspersky product as normal and your new license will be activated automatically when your current license expires.

I got an error when renewing my license. What should I do?

If you’re having technical issues renewing your Kaspersky product, take a look at the Activation Errors section of the Knowledge Base. We’ve written up solutions for the most common renewal and activation issues.

Do I need to download and install my Kaspersky product again?

No. Simply add the renewal code to the version of Kaspersky you are already using and your new license will be applied.

Can I change the number of devices or years when I renew my license?

Yes, you can. Once you enter your license key in the field at the top of this page, you will be taken to a special renewal page for your product and license type. There you will be able to select the number of devices and years you wish to renew your license for.

Do I need a My Kaspersky account to renew my product?

No, but we recommend creating a My Kaspersky account and connecting your product to it. This will allow you to manage your protection remotely and store your activation codes so they don't get lost. For information, see the My Kaspersky technical support center.

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New Solutions FAQ

How do I download and install the applications?

You download the software straight from our website. Simply complete your purchase and the download links for both Kaspersky Plus and Kaspersky Safe Kids will appear on the order confirmation page. The same download links will also be sent to you in an order confirmation email. Please note, you will need your activation code to use your security applications. This code will be displayed on your order confirmation page, as well as emailed to you.

Can I just keep using my current product?

Yes. Existing users can renew their current product and get our Customer Support, should it be required. However, please note that the product is not available for a purchase from a new account.


When you subscribe, you pay the offer price for your first term. The offer price is indicated on your offer page and the shopping cart, along with other offer details, such as the number of devices, years within one term and the renewal price, which you will be charged the next and the following terms.

Renewal prices may change. In this case, we’ll let you know via email. Please note, discounts and offers may be available at the time of your next renewal that are not applicable to you.

Recurring payments

Towards the end of each subscription period, you will be charged at the renewal price. We’ll let you know about your upcoming auto-renewal via email. We will attempt to bill you approximately 2 weeks before your subscription period ends to ensure uninterrupted protection. Subscription is automatically renewed at the end of a subscription period, for the subsequent period, until you cancel it.

How to cancel

If you cancel subscription before a renewal payment for next subscription period made during the current subscription period, it will end on the expiration date. You won't be charged for the next periods.

You can cancel your subscription through your My Kaspersky account. To cancel:

  • Log in to
  • Go to your subscription page
  • Click Manage Subscription
  • Select Cancel Subscription and follow the steps to get to the payment provider website
  • Click the Cancel button and Сancel subscription in the next step

You can also cancel your subscription by contacting Kaspersky Customer Support.

If you cancel subscription after a renewal payment for the next subscription period made during the current subscription period, the subscription will remain active until the end of the next period. In case you wish to cancel the renewal payment you need to request a refund through Kaspersky Customer Support according to the refund policy.

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Renew your license to stay protected

Simply enter your current license key in the field below and we'll take you to the renewal page for your product.

Enter your license key: