Kaspersky, City and Guilds of London Art School work to create new piece of art

Kaspersky Lab and The City & Guilds Art School come together to create art for digital security.

Art and digital security.  Not exactly a natural match, but when Kaspersky approached The City & Guilds of London Art School, they asked for just that: a way to seamlessly bring together fine art and digital security.

The idea came about after Kaspersky staff moved office.  The new office block, based in Paddington, was new, spacious and airy but lacked one vital ingredient: character.  That’s where City & Guilds Art School came in: they ran a competition that set out to commission a new artwork that would express Kaspersky’s role in the IT security sector. After a short consultation, the winner of the commission was announced as Lois Graziosi, a 2nd year BA Hons Fine Art student who specialises in sculpture.

Lois’ idea was both bold and simple: to create a guard-dog for each of the APT’s (Advanced Persistent Threat’s) that Kaspersky helped to discover.  After the initial research period, she ultimately settled on the Doberman as they were originally bred for security and protection due to their size and temperament.

It took several weeks for Lois to create the clay model which is now nearing completion.  However, this is only step one of a multi-step process.

The final pieces will be cast in jesmonite, a water-based resin.  The dog below is the clay model that will form the basis for the final pieces.  A rubber mould will be made from the clay and then this will be carefully laid up with the resin to create each of the pieces.   Lois plans to create seven in total: one for each APT discovery of the last few years.

The clay model is currently being finished. Once this is complete, it’ll be used as a cast to create the seven dogs.

Lois is currently finishing off the final stages of the cast before she moves onto the second part of the piece.


The work is already under way and Elaine is already in the final stages of the first section.

The work is already under way and Lois is already in the final stages of the first section.

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