Coupon ransomware spreading fast

A newly discovered ransomware, which takes coupons, cheques and even pennies as payment, is spreading fast.

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab are warning about a newly discovered ransomware variant, which accepts money off coupons, cheques and even pennies as payment.

A woman cutting coupons

The virus, which is detected by Kaspersky Lab products as “Ransom.Trojan.Fool” is a new step up in the way criminals are accepting payments.  Traditionally cybercriminals were using cryptocurrencies as the ransom payment of choice, but it appears that the crooks are getting even more bold in attempts to defraud users out of their hard-earned cash.

The malware, which seems to have origins from Brazil is spreading fast.  The researcher who discovered the virus, Maxim Idiotá says that it shows how criminals are becoming “ever bolder in their attempts to defraud innocent victims.”

One victim, who wishes to remain anonymous said “I was just browsing my favourite website when a popup appeared telling me I had 48 hours in which to pay a ransom. I didn’t have any money, but it did say it would take vouchers from most supermarkets as an alternative.”

However, it’s unlikely that the virus will be much of a nuisance for very long as the cybercrminial who created it said on a darkweb forum that “the cost of sending around a man on a moped to pick up the vouchers or coins usually outweighs the money I get from the coupons.  Last week I got a coupon for 50p off a Frey Bentos pie and a quid off a DVD at selected supermarket stores”

You can read the full story and write up here.