Royal Holloway and Cyber Security

Is the cybersecurity industry doing enough to train new talent for the IT sector?

It’s safe to say that technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Facebook is only 13 years old but it feels like it’s been around since the year dot. New technology is coming along all the time, but (there’s always a but) along with new technology comes new threats. Mobile malware is now more commonplace than ever before and with the implosion of the Internet of Things, we’re set to see even more threats emerge.

So, with that in mind, you’d think that we’d be even more eager to train the next generation of security experts. Sadly, it’s not happening as fast as we’d like. Research shows that in just the next 5 years’, there’s set to be 1.5 million open and unfulfilled global security positions.

So it’s no surprise that even today 73% of businesses find it difficult to find enough IT professionals for their business. It’s also worth noting that whilst businesses find it difficult to find and recruit new talent, youngsters are also not aware of any training or internships available to them (71%).

Kaspersky lab are helping to better educate both businesses and students with different initiatives designed to help both sides get ahead. To that end, Kaspersky ran a day event at the Royal Holloway, University of London with both workshops and presentations.

The day was designed to help better educate students on what to expect from a life in cybersecurity. David Emm, GReAT team member here in London was on hand to help students understand the risks involved with cybersecurity as well as answer any questions they had on security and safe internet practices.