Finding a job – It’s just like dating!

Many recruiters will compare finding the right candidate to finding their mate. It is especially relevant for Kaspersky as we need very special people with unique skills.

Finding the perfect match in relationships is always difficult.  You have to be honest with yourself and who you are and accept the fact that sometimes it is you and not them. There will always be the one that got away—if only you had just said this instead of that, if only you were able to show them who you really are.  You replay the meeting over in your head, “I was too nervous, I never say that! Why did I say that?”

Many recruiters will compare finding the right candidate to finding their mate.  There are many similarities in the dating and recruiting process.  If you keep everything in perspective, you too can find the right job for you with minimal emotional scaring.

The Location

Where do you meet people – in a nightclub, at a sporting event, introduction by friends, or while enjoying your favorite hobby? Pretty much anywhere you can meet a date you can also find your next job. Just like dating, where you find your next job can sometimes reflect the quality of the job you obtain. Job boards are like nightclubs. You may end up finding an easy and quick job, but for how long?  Is it really the right job for you?  If you find your job/date through friends chances are there is staying power, solid references on both sides, and few surprises.

That’s why we at Kaspersky Lab have a great referral program.  Do you know any KL people?  You don’t?  Start networking!

The Attraction

Let’s face it any love story starts with each person mentioning what they first saw and how it made them want to talk to each other. As a recruiter I have uttered these words “The resume had me at V-Look Up”. Make sure your resume not only speaks to the recruiter ‘s needs (the job description) but also shows who you really are as an employee.  The last thing you want to do is pretend you are something you are not, or something you don’t really want.

If you are interested in a company, be sure you know why. Is it the culture? The reputation? The opportunity to grow your career? This way you know before the interviews start that you and the company are the right match. KL recruiters hear it all the time, how people want to work for us because of our culture and growth opportunities. It is true we have a great fun corporate culture with incredible opportunities for growth. However we are also a company that works very hard and often long hours. Our people are given the freedom to carve their own path with us. Are you the type that needs a great deal of managerial direction? Do you have a passion for the work you do? Kaspersky Lab employees are passionate which makes the long working hours go by so fast that most wish there were more hours in the day to work.

The Coffee/Drink Date

Most everyone has had the less committed date called the “coffee date” where you have coffee or a drink to check each other out and see if there is a real connection beyond the physical, without committing to a real date.  “Real Dates” are reserved for when you know you can stand the person for more than one hour.  Consider the 1st phone interview your coffee date. Just as much as the recruiter is finding out if you are ready for the in-person interview with the hiring managers, you should be confirming that this is the company you would be happy to “go out with.”

The Real Date

It is the Saturday night dinner and a movie main event, the in-person interview.  This is where you should pull out all stops, dress for success and all those clichés.  Again keeping in mind you should be getting to know them as much as they are learning about you. Constantly ask yourself are they compatible with me?  If not, you should move on. Don’t try to fit into something that doesn’t fit your needs.  It will only end messy.

Going Steady

Connect with your local KL office and maybe get a date! Send your resume to

After the dating stages you both mutually agree this is the ideal relationship.  This is the offer stage. You are confirming the give and take balance. Know what you need to be happy before signing on the dotted line. Understand fully their expectations of you and your work. Are you happy with the benefits? Will they fulfill your needs as an employer? Remember nothing is perfect but if it is close to perfect then gleefully take the offer.


Breaking up is hard to do. It hurts to find out you are not wanted. Occasionally you may find yourself in love but the other party isn’t. It happens. Realize this, if the company wasn’t 100% or even 95% convinced you are the right match for their team, there must be a reason you didn’t see. It could be something they are not telling you like a personality challenge such as the team is not social and you are very social. Whatever the reason, don’t worry just like finding love there is always a job out there that is right for you.  All it takes is patience and perseverance.