Kaspersky AdCleaner: Anti-Banner for iOS

Kaspersky AdCleaner is our ad-blocking tool for iOS. Use it to forget about banners, prolong battery life, and open websites faster!

Update: The app described in this post is discontinued.

Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security users are familiar with Anti-Banner, a handy component that blocks annoying ads on websites and in software interfaces.

Ad-blockers are really useful nowadays. Using them lets you open websites faster, makes webpages more readable, and stops data-gathering tools from spying on you.

Apple doesn’t allow any antivirus solutions into its protected garden — the AppStore — but we took some of our technologies, ones that can be just as useful to iOS users, and wrapped them into an individual app. Thus, our Anti-Banner evolved into Kaspersky AdCleaner. It blocks online banners on iPhones and iPads.

Kaspersky AdCleaner for iOS: Where can I find it?

You can download our AdCleaner from the Apple AppStore. It’s free. After that you simply install it and turn it on. It’s not complicated, but here is a brief manual on how to do it — just in case.

Kaspersky AdCleaner for iOS: How to use it

To activate Kaspersky AdCleaner, open your device settings and choose Safari—>Content Blockers. Then toggle on all of the AdCleaner switchers. If you don’t have any other blocker, there would be four of them.

Congratulations! From now on, you’ll see websites uncluttered by banners; webpages will load faster; and advertisers won’t be able to monitor your online activities. AdCleaner also saves traffic and battery charge — downloading and displaying lots of banners wastes resources.

Some websites detect ad-blockers and refuse to load their content unless you disable your blocker. In such cases you can add the website to AdCleaner’s exception list or allow it to show ads one time only.

To add a website to the exception list, tap Share and Allow Ads. Ad-blocking will be disabled every time you visit this site, although it will remain active on all other websites. You can also add a website manually: Open Kaspersky AdCleaner, add a new exception, and type in the site URL.

If you want to disable ad-blocking for just one visit, hold down the Update Page button in the upper right corner of your Safari window and choose Reload without content blockers. Ads will be displayed on this page, but only for one visit; open the page again and AdCleaner will be on guard.

Fortunately, the majority of websites do not detect ad-blockers yet, and you can freely use this tool. Our AdCleaner is absolutely free. Moreover, by decreasing traffic, it can actually save you money.
Update: The app described in this post is discontinued.