Too many passwords? Try our Password Manager for iOS!

Using passwords on mobile devices is painful: In addition to memorizing your passwords, you need to input them with an awkward on-screen keyboard. But we’ve got you covered!

Password management is one of the most essential and yet probably the most annoying of security measures. Short passwords are easy to remember, but they’re insecure; long and strong passwords are hard to remember — especially if you’re using unique ones, as you should do if you value security.

When it comes to smartphones, passwords are even more painful: strong and unique passwords are not only hard to remember, they’re actually hard to type with the tiny on-screen keypads of mobile devices. Well, we have an easy solution for all these problems. It’s called Kaspersky Password Manager.

Never forget your passwords

Password Manager makes life much easier: Instead of memorizing dozens of passwords for this or that service, all you need to remember is a master password. Actually, you don’t have to enter even this password every time you log in to Kaspersky Password Manager: Our app supports Touch ID. So all you need to do is to touch your fingerprint sensor — on a Mac, an iPad, or an iPhone.

Get rid of 123456 and duplicate passwords in a couple of clicks

Here’s another good thing about our Password Manager: You can use it to check if your passwords are good enough. Just click the Check Password Security button and the app will show you which passwords are good and which ones need some work.

If you find it hard to invent strong passwords yourself, use the Generate Password button, which, you guessed it, brings up a random password generator. By default it makes 12-character-long passwords that include lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. We think that will be enough for most users. But if you need even more secure combinations, you can make them longer — up to 99 characters.

No more torture by on-screen keyboard

Kaspersky Password Manager is a cloud-based app. That means you don’t need to suffer typing in your long and complex passwords with those tiny on-screen keyboard keys — not even once, to set it up. All you need to do is to install Password Manager on both your laptop or desktop and your smartphone, and use the bigger and more comfortable keyboard to input the passwords you want to store. Everything will be synced instantly across your devices.


Moreover, you can access and edit your password list using our website It’s a little bit less convenient than using the desktop app, but it’s a lifesaver when you’re away from your own computer.

Needless to say, all your passwords are stored encrypted, both on your devices and in the cloud.

Last, but not least: You can use the basic version of Kaspersky Password Manager free of charge. Here are download links for the macOS app and the iOS app.