How to protect your kids from unwanted content on iPads and iPhones

Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS lets you filter unwanted content — violence, adult materials, drugs, and more.

For a great majority of parents, it’s quite reasonable to worry that kids will come across inappropriate websites — or worse — while they’re playing or browsing on an iPhone or iPad. We have a solution: Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS.

Here, we will explain how to use Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS to protect yourself and your children from phishing and other malicious sites, and to limit access to unwanted content.

Avoiding unwanted content with Kaspersky Safe Browser

In Kaspersky Safe Browser, you can block access to such categories as: adult content, software, audio, video, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violence, profanity, weapons, gambling, sweepstakes, e-commerce, HTTP query redirection, computer games, religious content, and news media.

You will not need to set up protection from malicious content — that module works right out of the box — but you will have to spend a minute choosing the categories that you want to block. The app is very intuitive, but just in case, our Knowledge Base contains detailed instructions on how to configure the content blocking feature in the browser.

Kaspersky Safe Browser is a free app. You can download it from the App Store.