Kaspersky Anti-Virus vs. Kaspersky Internet Security: what’s the difference?

What are the core differences between Kaspersky Anti-virus and Kaspersky Internet Security?

In a previous article, we explained the difference between Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security. Now, let’s compare Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus offers basic security for your PC. Its feature set includes anti-virus scan for your software and files, activity monitoring, search for vulnerabilities and Internet traffic control.

The security toolset of Kaspersky Internet Security is richer, the aforementioned capabilities are enhanced by a number of other useful tools.



This enables secure access to both your local network and the world wide web. You can set up rules for any program or network port (like ones restricting Internet access to a certain program or blocking a particular port).


This checks all inbound and outbound emails from Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Express. All suspicious emails would be filtered to the Spam folder.


This feature allows you to block display advertising on web pages or in a software interface. The customisable blocklist of websites that display ad banners is already integrated into the program. You can also add new banners you wish to block.

Webcam Protection

This feature serves to notify users any time a webcam on their PC is enabled, preventing adversaries from secretly using it.

Private Browsing

When you surf the web, various tracking algorithms are used to identify users’ preferences and display corresponding advertisements online from specific companies. Anti-tracking feature blocks advertisers or web analytics systems tracking your browser settings and pages you visit.

Parental Control

It helps to limit your child’s access to the computer and/or certain programs and games, as well as particular web site categories and social media contacts. The restrictions can be set up for your child’s Windows user profile.

Trusted Applications Mode

This mode allows a user to run only trusted software. All new programs are checked against Kaspersky Lab’s list of trusted programs. In this mode, one cannot run any software, which is not included into the list.

Secure Keyboard

This feature protects users from key-loggers any time they input data into online forms. You can enable protection for selected web sites and data categories and use an on-screen keyboard to type in data.

Safe Money

This capability helps to protect your online banking and credit card data. One should use this component to have a secure web banking and online payment experience.

Application Control

This component establishes rule-based control over programs that have root access or access to personal data.

Network Attack Blocker

This feature protects your computer from malicious network activity and cyberattacks.

System Changes Control

This capability protects your operating system parameters, network and browsers from unauthorised changes.

It is likely you are already using some third-party software with capabilities overlapping with those of Kaspersky Internet Security – like firewall, parental control or payment protection. In this case, you may consider choosing Kaspersky Standard – however, one cannot guarantee that security programs of multiple vendors would coexist organically on one PC.

If you need extra features that are included in Kaspersky Plus, this is the right choice for you.

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