Kaspersky Next 2021 – Meet the augmented.

What does the future hold for augmentation and bionics? Join Kaspersky NEXT 2021 to find out.

Kaspersky Next 2020

Human augmentation sounds like science fiction but in actual fact, some people already live it day to day. Not the sort of augmentation we see in movies: cyborgs with super-human strength and X-ray vision, but ordinary people with bionic arms, legs and even chip implants. It’s this group of people who are leading the charge in terms of human augmentation.

In the previous edition of Kasperky NEXT, we looked at what the world might look like in the not too distant future with more advanced human augmentation, and the effects this could have on society and humanity.

But what is it like for those of us who live with augmentation today?  How have things changed in the last 20 years and what does the immediate future look like for them?  In the next edition of Kaspersky NEXT, BBC Click presenter Kate Russell, sits down with a host of special guests to discuss this and much more.

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