Tip of the week: Keep children from deleting Kaspersky Safe Kids from mobile devices

Kaspersky Safe Kids helps protect your children from inappropriate content and limit device use time, but kids are potentially able to delete the app. Here’s how to prevent that from happening.

We’ve talked before about how today’s kids live simultaneously in the real and the digital world. The digital part is important, too — many believe depriving kids of their virtual life can actually harm them. However, a code of online conduct should be a cornerstone of their educational process; parents should be mentors and guides to their kids in the big, bad online world.

But you already know that. That’s why you’re using Kaspersky Safe Kids to help keep your kids safe when they’re online — and to ensure they also spend some time in the real world (and, for good measure, to help keep them safe in the real world).

Is it convenient? Yes, it’s convenient for parents, for sure. However, your kids might not be too happy about you exercising control over their digital life. And, kids being kids, they might want to delete the program from their iPhone or iPad. If they do, Kaspersky Safe Kids settings, which are stored in a protected user profile, will remain where they are, but you’ll lose the ability to track their location. Secure Browser will be deleted as well, although the default Safari browser will remain blocked.

To prevent this rather inconvenient situation, we recommend adjusting iOS settings so as to restrict attempts to delete any apps from the device. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Settings on the device and then go to the General screen.

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2. Choose Restrictions.


3. Click Enable restrictions.


4. Set up a new passcode to access restrictions settings. Note that this is a separate passcode — it should not match the code you use to unlock the device. Confirm your new restrictions passcode by entering it once again.


5. Use the slider to apply restrictions to deletion of apps.


There you go! Now Kaspersky Safe Kids cannot be uninstalled from the device.

If you need to delete some other program, return to Restrictions, use your special passcode, and allow app deletion. To learn more about Kaspersky Safe Kids features, visit the support page.