Protecting yourself from adware with Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

Did you know that the new features of Kaspersky Internet Security will protect you from the sneaky add-ons for freeware like adware, browser extensions and toolbars?

Sometimes when installing free software, users rush and often wind up installing “extra” features that can include adware, unnecessary extensions and browser toolbars. It’s quite understandable as anyone can miss one small ticked box in the setup window. However since you didn’t really want those additional tools, you’re probably wanting to get rid of them, right?

In the past we’ve told you about the threats of adware and explained how it could be difficult for a user to remove a toolbar or restore the browser’s initial settings. Adware developers wasted no time in further advancing their products, so they become increasingly persistent with their efforts. With that in mind, it make you realise that you shouldn’t rush an installation. Instead, practice caution as it can save your valuable time later on when you’re forced to delete an annoying extension or you’re trying to restore your old homepage back. Okay, so now we know being safe and cautious is the best practice moving forward, but what if you got caught up installing some “extras” on a recent freeware install?

Good News!

Kaspersky Lab has you covered with Kaspersky Internet Security 2016. This year’s model of software offers an installation wizard which will hide ad windows and block the installation of any additional programs.

If you are installing several legitimate programs at once, the wizard might block this process, as it’s seeing it as suspicious. In this case, you should teach the product wizard a couple of things about your PC habits. To do that, change settings in the System changes control according to your preferences. Follow these easy steps:

1. Open the Settings window in Kaspersky Internet Security.

2. Choose Protection -> System changes control.


3. Tick the boxes you render appropriate.


To learn more about the System changes control feature, visit our knowledge base web page.