Tip of the week: How to delete unwanted programs

Kaspersky Internet Security can analyze your system, detect unwanted programs and offer to uninstall them — and it works even on programs that resist removal.

Generally speaking, programs you don’t want — the bloatware that came with your computer or piggybacked on software updates, for example — often are not really dangerous. Nevertheless, they may be a drag in various ways, launching unwanted processes and slowing down your system, tracking your movements online and sending personal data to software developers.

The latest version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 can block the installation of unwanted programs — and remove software that has already sneaked onto your system. It analyzes the list of installed programs and detects unwanted, problem-plagued software.

Programs are rated by their behavior. Trying to scare users into downloading something unnecessary or dangerous — “Alert! Your computer is infected with Super Worm! Click here NOW to buy Windows Antivirus!” — gets a program onto the “misbehaving” list. Other common offenses include secretly installing other software, refusing to close, and showing pop-ups without users’ permission. Programs that hide themselves from the uninstall list also receive penalty points.

Software that has critical vulnerabilities, and whose developers have let known bugs go, will also be recommended for removal. Software vulnerabilities are quite serious; such programs put your whole system at risk.

To scan your system for misbehaving programs and generate a list of unwanted software, follow these directions.

1. Open Kaspersky Internet Security. Choose More functions —> Software Cleaner.

2. Start the analysis of installed applications.


3. Click the link near the triangle icon with the exclamation mark to view the list of detected software. Each name in the list will have an explanation of why the program is considered undesirable.


4. You can uninstall the flagged software — or, if you like a program and want to keep it, click the Hide button to add it to the exception list.


You can read more about software removal in our Knowledge Base.