Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 145

Dave and Jeff discuss how to keep personal data safe while protesting, the kerfuffle around NHS coronavirus texts, and more.

Kaspersky podcast: How can you keep private while protesting?

Dave and I kick off this week’s edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast with a discussion of disinformation in the US.

Speaking of current events in the States, we highlight the need for those educating themselves to make sure they are getting solid information from reputable sources. A lot of misinformation is being distributed, so we kindly ask you to think before sharing. If something sounds a bit off, make sure that you are looking at reputable sources — don’t be a source of disinformation.

Did someone say disinformation? Despite public reports, Troy Hunt thinks the alleged hacking of the Minneapolis Police Department may not be what it seems.

Next up, it’s the NHS and some coronavirus tracing. Unfortunately, although the intentions seem good, security isn’t where it needs to be.

Following that story, we dive deeper into a computer, and boy is it hot. This story looks at the victim side of cryptomining.

We close out the podcast with a look at a Power Glove hacked to make music.

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