Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 154

On this episode of the podcast, Dave and Jeff discuss large companies being hit with ransomware, the speedrunning world record, and more.

Ransomware hit a bunch of large companies in the past week

For the 154th episode of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable Podcast, Dave and I spend most of our time talking about ransomware and gaming.

Our first story is about Garmin’s recent battle with Evil Corp and WastedLocker ransomware. This story is still developing, and the coming weeks could bring more news.

We stay with the topic of ransomware and discuss a new report of LG and Xerox being hit as well. Both companies appear to have been struck by the Maze gang and have seen their data published by the gang online. For our third story, we look at CWT’s recent bout with ransomware.

From there, we hop over to the world of gaming and discuss the new speedrunning record for Doom Eternal, set with Kaspersky Plus turned on. We then welcome back GReAT’s Maria Namestnikova to discuss security and gaming. To close out the podcast, we discuss a refund from Google.

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