Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 167

Jeff and Dave discuss a so-called Robin Hood ransomware gang, a change in PlayStation’s abuse reports, and more.

Honor among thieves? The Robin Hood gang wants you to think so, but don’t be fooled

Who would have thought that an episode of this podcast would start with Robin Hood? Well, you don’t have to go far; that’s exactly where we kick off this episode of the Transatlantic Cable podcast.

Our first story of the week takes a look at some Robin Hood types who, after using ransomware to steal from corporations, then donate a small fraction of the stolen money to nonprofit organizations. Sorry, but I am not going to call these guys heroes just yet.

From there, we head to the sky, to British Airways being hit with a record-setting GDPR fine. Sticking with travel news, Carnival Cruise Lines and some of its subsidiaries have been navigating ransomware-infested waters.

To close out the podcast, we look at Sony’s measures to help police its online gaming.

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