Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 75

We look at some headaches for Google and Facebook, a “hacked” Nest sending out an ICBM warning, the Girl Scouts covering cybersecurity, and more.

On the 75th installment of the Kaspersky Lab Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I hit on a number of themes that range from legal fallout to the fear of nuclear fallout — which turned out to be a hack.

We kick off the podcast looking at how the Girl Scouts are rolling out a cybersecurity badge and using eggs, not computers, for their members. From there, we cover a report from California on how a family’s Nest camera sent out a warning that North Korea was firing intercontinental ballistic missiles at the USA — which turned out to be a hoax from a hacker who took advantage of the owner’s reused passwords. We keep in the Google family by looking at a recent GDPR-related fine levied on the search giant.

The next story is about the recently unsealed documents in a Facebook lawsuit. Unfortunately, it looks like the social behemoth was profiting off of children. After that, we further discuss the scams on Facebook and WhatsApp promising free airline tickets — yes, they’re scams, so please do not fall for them. Finally, a new piece of mobile malware that works only if the infected device is moving.

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