Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 89

In this episode of the Kaspersky Lab podcast, Dave and Jeff take a look at the latest Facebook snafu, AI in Dota 2, dumb criminals, and more.

After a weeklong hiatus, Dave and I are back together to bring you the 89th edition of the Kaspersky Lab Transatlantic Cable podcast.

In this week’s edition, we start by checking the ticker with “Days since latest Facebook issue.” Unfortunately it hasn’t been that long, and the latest issue involved the hoovering of contact lists from unsuspecting users. From there, we offer tips to enhance your privacy online.

For the third story, we jump over to where the real world and the social media world intersect. This week’s top hit for stupid criminal tricks has it all. We had a number of outtakes talking about this story, so get ready for some laughs.

We then head back to the serious side of things, where we look at how humans are combating AI within Dota 2. To close things out, we discuss the latest developments in Deep Fakes.

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