The daily life of a white-hat hacker

September 13, 2016

Picture a hacker. What does he look like? Nerdy? Lives with his mom? Wears a black hoodie? Lives on pizza? Types on three computers simultaneously… constantly?

The daily life of a white-hat hacker

OK, we’re out of clichés. Does the hacker you imagined do backflips on a trampoline? Does he have a daughter who has her own stove in the kitchen? Does he buy vinyl records just for the sake of having them? Probably not. But David Jacoby, a white-hat hacker and member of our Global Research and Analysis Team, does!

For the pilot of our “The daily life of…” series, we invaded David’s house and filmed his cat, his collection of antique computers and electronics including a hand-painted Hello Kitty Commodore, and countless shelves filled with horror movies. We watched him play the arcade games he has in the basement (I wonder where he got them), eat his favorite ice cream, and explain how zombies are different from the living dead.

In this video, David will guide you through his house and tell you more about his daily life, his addiction to coffee, his past as an owner of a movie distribution company, and lots more.