My smartphone, my friend

What do people consider more important, their smartphones or their relatives? The answer is in the video, and it may surprise you

We are pretty sure you have a smartphone. Right now, while you are reading this article, it’s on your table, or in your pocket, or, maybe, in your hand. You trust it a lot: It knows all of your friends and relatives; it holds your e-mails and other messages, helps you navigate home, and wakes you up in the morning. It knows your schedule and might even have access to your bank accounts.

Your smartphone is an important part of your life. But can you say how important it actually is to you? Is it more important than your friends? How long can you live without it?

As a part of our Digital Amnesia study, we looked for answers to those questions and more, and we also conducted an experiment. In the video below you’ll find a lot of interesting information about the relationships between people and their smartphones: How much they value them, how smartphones affect their concentration, how willing they are to give their smartphones to others if asked to do so — and a lot more.