Safe online shopping and banking on your Mac

Even Mac users take risks when shopping online. Fortunately, we can help.

Macs are commonly believed to be safe from malware, but — setting aside the fact that they aren’t — what about other risks? When it comes to shopping online, phishing is the main problem. Phishing websites look just like real ones, but instead of selling goods or services, they steal your bank or credit card info. And it can be hard to distinguish a phishing website from a normal one.

Good news: As a user of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac, you already have an award-winning solution that ensures multilevel protection for your online financial operations. It’s called Safe Money.

Every time you sign in to your online banking profile or pay for goods using an online payment system such as PayPal, the Safe Money module checks with our security cloud database to make sure that you are not being tricked by a phishing scheme. It also uses heuristic algorithms for the very same purpose and checks the site’s certificate.

For greater security, Safe Money also scans for vulnerabilities that are known to be exploited by banking malware, constantly checks for harmful software, protects the clipboard, where sensitive data could be stored briefly during copy/paste operations, and provides secure keyboard input. All in all, we do our best to make sure your banking credentials are safe.

To start using the module, first confirm the corresponding plugin is enabled in your browser. You can see how it works here.

If you find a reliable website the module is unaware of and want to add it to the trusted database, you can do so in a few clicks. You’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to do it in our Knowledge Base. We strongly recommend that you use Safe Money, which helps you avoid phishing and protects your financial data from other threats including keyloggers, screen-capture utilities, and more.