My Kaspersky, How to Best Protect All Devices

My Kaspersky is a multi-device security management tool that lets users control the security products on all of their devices remotely in one place.

Remember those quaint days of old when we all had just one computer? Well, those days are dead and gone. Looking around as I type, I can reach out and touch six different computer-like devices, and those are just the ones I can reach. On average, American homes have around 5 connected devices, all of them interacting with the Internet. All of them susceptible to a growing list of increasingly complex online threats. So how do we protect them all without subjecting ourselves to a dizzying array of platforms, applications and interfaces on as many different devices?

There’s certainly more than one way to skin a cat, but your friends here at Kaspersky Lab have introduced a new Web portal called My Kaspersky. My Kaspersky will give customers the ability to manage the security of their multiple devices from anywhere with an Internet connection in one central and easy to use location.

My Kaspersky is a central and streamlined location where you can deploy, monitor and tinker with all the security protections you already rely upon.

Specifically, users will get a one-screen, real-time view of all protected devices from the My Kaspersky Web portal, with live protection status and the ability to remotely manage the security of those devices. The remote management interface will allow users to scan one or all devices for threats from anywhere that user chooses, and manipulate the settings of any devices running a Kaspersky product.

If a device is suspected lost or stolen, users can initiate anti-theft management services for mobile devices, including remote lock, locate and data wipe functions. A built-in mugshot feature will surreptitiously take photos of anyone carrying your phone in an attempt to identify the potential culprit. You can also remotely turn on a noise emission feature that will sound an alarm, even if the device is in silent mode. Perhaps best yet, all these features are pervasive and persist even if the thief removes your SIM card and places a new one in a stolen device.

From the portal you’ll also be able to manage product licenses and see the amount of time remaining on those respective licenses, activate security protection, initiate database updates, or enable or disable product features and settings on any device as you see fit. You can gain access to additional free and premium services such as Kaspersky Password Manager as well (including sweet deals and discounts). In addition to all this, My Kaspersky lets users send technical requests to Kaspersky Technical Support that will automatically include all licensure information. In other words, My Kaspersky is a central and streamlined location where you can deploy, monitor and tinker with all the security protections you already rely upon.

As we alluded to above, the days of single computer use requiring single computer protection are over. Your Windows computer or laptop is gold-mine for attackers, both because of its processing power and the data it stores. Mac and other Apple products are no longer immune to Web-based threats. And Android and other mobile malware are the fastest growing category of threats out there. Of course, security products alone won’t protect you, but they are the first and last line of defense. You still have to think about security, and if you’re reading this right now, then it’s likely you are thinking abut security.

My Kaspersky is just one more way to make sure that the automated side of device management is working to its full potential. As for the human side of Internet security, we’ll do our best here on Kaspersky Daily to keep you informed and up-to-date on all the latest threats, how they operate and what you need to do to protect yourself.