Top 10 Tweets from the SAS 2016

The SAS 2016 has come and gone. Here’s a look back on the top 10 Tweets from the conference to relive the magic.

The SAS has come and gone. A lot of great knowledge was dropped during the conference including insights on Poseidon, Adwind and Metel. As we come back to reality, we wanted to summarise the event with some of the top Tweets (in no particular order) that we saw during the conference. Let us know in the comments below if we missed any.

Our GReAT experts were quite excited to get to Tenerife and get everything set up and ready for a great conference.

Some pretty strong words from Veracode’s Chris Eng on Reuben Paul’s opening keynote presentation. If you want to check it out and judge for yourself, click the link to our Periscope in Stefan’s Tweet below.

No one likes this kind of magic. The full write up on Metel.

More on Metel and how the hackers are stealing money.

As expected, Poseidon was a big point of discussion. The APT group has been around for at least a decade.

Can you decrypt the message from Dmitry? I can’t so if you can, leave in the comments below.

Hiding in the analogue.

I am pretty sure everyone agrees with the sentiment above. For the full story on the hospital hack you can read more here and here.

Work hard, play hard – right? Plus who knew tech could make some tasty drinks.

Bonus Sunset Signoff

Bonus Photos