Empowering the next generation

"We are committed to creating a more diverse, more secure industry!"

Evgeniya Naumova, VP, Global Network

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Kaspersky commits to CyberStarts programme to bring more balance to cyber security

Meaningful change is only going to come from actions rather than words

Kaspersky CyberStarts is an EU campaign that aims to tackle both the skills gap and the gender disparity that exists in the cybersecurity industry by talking directly to young women considering their career paths and providing access to the tools and experience they need to take their first step into the industry.

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  • According to (ISC)2 research, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is close to 3 million globally
  • The industry will need an extra 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals by 2022 in order to plug the skills shortage gap (Global Information Security Workforce Study)
  • Women represent only 11% of the cyber security workforce (Global Information Security Workforce Study: Women in Cyber Security)
  • However, Forrester predicts that the number of women CISOs at Fortune 500 companies will rise to 20 percent in 2019, compared with 13 percent in 2017
  • The lack of diversity in teams developing technology has an impact on innovation.

What is Kaspersky doing?

What is Kaspersky doing?
The CyberStarts story