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Check out these new features

This is only a few of the enhanced benefits you will have access to with Kaspersky Plus

Data Leak Checker
Checks to see if your accounts are leaking personal data, like passwords, bank card details or crypto wallet private keys on both the internet and dark web. If a leak is found, you’ll receive an immediate alert and be advised on how to prevent such hacks in the future.
Password Safety Check
Checks the safety status of your passwords and identifies any that have been compromised and notifies you of any weak passwords that are susceptible to being cracked.
Cryptoscam & Cryptojacking Protection
Prevents you from clicking on phishing links designed for fraud, so hackers don’t get access to your crypto wallets and stops unauthorized use of your PC for cryptocurrency mining.

Check your eligibility

Here’s how to verify your current Kaspersky license is eligible for a free update.

Easiest way to check if you are eligible:

  • If you purchased Kaspersky Security Cloud from a retail store and have not yet activated it, then you are eligible for a free update.
  • If you have already installed and activated Kaspersky Security Cloud, then check the licensing section.
  • If you see “License: X days remaining” (where X is a number), your license is current and you’re eligible for this free update. If you see “License expired” your protection has ended and you’re not eligible.

Upgrade your cybersecurity in 3 easy steps

It takes less than 10 minutes to update your current Kaspersky licence to a new and improved version.


All the questions you may have on updating to Kaspersky Plus

To do this, open the Kaspersky application and visit the program’s Licensing section. From there you can copy the licence key. Alternatively, you can visit and click on the “Subscriptions” tab. Select the Kaspersky program in question, then click on the “Additional info” block where you’ll find the licence key.

Once you have your licence key copied, visit your Renewal Center and enter the licence key into the input field. If it says "You have X days remaining" (where X is a number), congratulations! You are eligible for a free update.

Activation codes are either sent to you via email after you purchase any Kaspersky product online or they are printed on a card or on the product box if you bought the product from an offline retail outlet.

You receive an activation code when you buy a license for a Kaspersky application. It consists of 20 numerical digits and is divided into blocks in the following way: ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ-ХХХХХ. The code is only used for activating the license.

A license key is a sequence of 32 Latin characters and numerical digits in the format ХХХХХXXX-ХХХХ-ХХХХ-ХХХХ-XXXXXXXXXXXX. The license key is needed to recover a lost activation code or to renew the license at a discount. You can find the key in the Licensing window after activating your Kaspersky application.