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Watch Out for these Weaknesses in Many Cybersecurity Awareness Trainings:

  • It’s too long, technical or just plain boring
  • It fails to create the right motivation
  • It doesn’t model the desired behaviour

Effective trainings utilise your participants’ core strengths, like their decision-making principles and learning abilities.

CyberSafety Culture

We help customers develop a CyberSafety Culture, under the management of their security and HR teams, through a set of awareness training programmes. The training programmes utilise gamification and address all levels in the organisation structure.


Senior Management

Business simulation


Line Managers

Motivational training

Online Training

All Employees

Online interactive

CyberSafety Culture Assessment

Information security officers

Reports on the corporate
security culture’s status

Leading to the Light Side


Training for composing effective
awareness messages


Training programmes: Audience & Gains

  • Senior Management

    “Cybersecurity is the job of the security department.”

    What we expect from people after the training programmes:

    • Take responsibility for cybersafety measures
    • Support cybersafety culture

    Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness Training:

    • Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation - Business simulation game

    Training outcomes and gains for the participants:

    • Recognise the effect cyberincidents have on profits
    • Understand the mistakes that are made when building defences
    • Cooperate with colleagues to sustain the business
  • Line Managers

    “I have no time for cybersecurity.”

    What we expect from people after the training programmes:

    • Create a cybersafe environment
    • Enforce cybersafe behaviour among employees

    Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness Training:

    • CyberSafety Games - Motivational training

    Training outcomes and gains for the participants:

    • Understand why cybersecurity is a major part of business efficiency
    • Recognise what cybercriminals are really going after
    • Recognise safe and unsafe cybersecurity behaviour
    • Learn how to perform your job cybersafely
  • Employees

    “I’m too small to be a target.”

    What we expect from people after the training programmes:

    • Share cybersafety values
    • Act cybersafely
    • Report near misses
    • Cooperate with the IT security team

    Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness Training:

    • Online training platform - Computer-based interactive training

    Training outcomes and gains for the participants:

    • Enhance technical skills in the cybersecurity sphere
    • Identify phishing scams, data protection, and social network security
    • Recognise mobile device security, secure internet browsing, security on the go, social engineering, email and link security and passwords
  • Security Officers

    “Why are they doing this again and again?”

    What we expect from people after the training programmes:

    • Increase the security posture
    • Measure the awareness progress

    Kaspersky Cybersecurity Awareness Training:

    • CyberSafety Culture Assessment
    • Leading to the Light Side

    Training outcomes and gains for the participants:

    • Recognise the attitude toward cybersecurity at all levels of the enterprise
    • Understand how to efficiently engage and influence end users
    • Obtain measureable cybersecurity awareness programme results

Awareness Training: Programme Details

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

  • Business Strategy simulation (2 hours)
  • Teamwork builds cooperation
  • Competition fosters initiative and analysis skills
  • Gameplay develops an understanding of cybersecurity measures

Scenarios available: financial, corporate, e-government and industrial.

Watch video preview for Industrial session >

For Top Managers and decision makers from business, IT and security departments

CyberSafety Game Training

This is a highly motivational workshop on cyberthreats. Candidates explore everyday events through an interactive hands-on game experience that goes through cyberattacks, incidents, unsafe behaviour and mitigations.

The training reviews typical work environments and familiar work situations. Multiple security domains are covered.

For Line Managers

Online Training Platform

This interactive online training platform allows customers to implement a powerful, continuous and measurable cybersecurity education. Employees can learn from trainings that range from easy to difficult. There are varying security domains available for people to train according to their skill set and the threat landscape.

Platform includes:

  • Online training modules
  • Simulated phishing attacks
  • Knowledge assessments
  • Education automation
  • Progress reports

For all employees of all levels

CyberSafety Culture Assessment

The online survey analyses the user’s everyday behaviour and attitude towards cybersecurity. This assessment is for all management levels. It allows CISOs to recognise the imbalances, so they can focus on the areas in the categories below:

  • CyberSafety mindset
  • Risk management
  • Commitment and attitude
  • Business impact balance

For Security Officers

Leading to the Light Side

  • How to influence users with security awareness messages
  • How to overcome resistance and ignorance
  • How to achieve up to 90% policy acceptance and compliance

For Security Awareness Managers and Trainers


Business Benefits

  • 93%

    There is a 93% probability of employees utilising cybersecurity knowledge in their daily work

  • 90%

    Ensures up to 90% fewer cybersecurity incidents

  • 50-60%

    Reduce the cyber risk monetary volume1 by 50-60%

  • Translates cybersecurity from IT-jargon to business language

  • Yields measurable cybersecurity awareness programme results

  • 30x

    Provide ROI from investment into the Security Awareness more than 30x times

1. Aberdeen Group. Research as of 2014.



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