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How Kaspersky Security Awareness Works

Comprehensive and Straightforward

  • Covers a wide range of security issues
  • Covers familiar environments
  • Engages participants in the training process
  • Includes practical exercises
  • Provides explanations in language suitable for non-IT people

Ongoing Motivation

  • Creates teachable lessons through gamification and competition
  • Simulates phishing attacks to reinforce training moments throughout the year
  • Provides knowledge assessments and training campaigns

Corporate CyberSafety Culture

Our approach is based on the Safety Culture methodology developed by DuPont and utilised in thousands of large enterprises.

We train management teams to become cybersecurity advocates. We help organisations form a culture where cybersecurity becomes second nature for everyone. This goal is best achieved when a committed management team leads by example and sets the precedent for safe cybersecurity practices.

Changing Cybersecurity Misbeliefs in the Workplace

We teach people that it is human beings, not machines, who are the primary targets of cybercriminals. We demonstrate that, by working in a more safety-conscious manner, users can avoid exposing themselves and their workplace to attack.

Change misconceptions...

...into adequate perception...

...and positive role models.

Hackers will send the virus to my PC and crash it.

Be aware of real cybercriminals, not broken computers.

I understand how criminals can benefit from my digital assets, so I am motivated to protect them.

I am too small to be a target.

Small targets are easier and often more attractive to cybercriminals.

I want to be a harder target than others.

I don’t have time for cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is the key to long-term efficiency.

I will cooperate with the security team and choose the safest way to achieve business goals.


Tools to Measure

We provide customers with the tools they need to measure employee skills, along with corporate-level assessments for analysing staff attitudes towards cybersecurity.

  • Training Progress Report Example
  • Most Missed Topics Report Example
  • Cyberrisk Report Example
  • Phishing Campaigns Report Example

Manageable Terms for Security and HR Teams

  • Routine education operations are automated
  • Integration with corporate LMS is available
  • Train-the-trainer for Corporate University / T&D / HR is available
  • Awareness trainers do not have to be security experts
  • The length of the training sessions is flexible for all employees