An increase in malware and attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS), the growing number of new vulnerabilities in ICS equipment and an increased necessity for these systems to be integrated with other environments (like ERP, for example) have necessitated a more thorough approach to ICS security. In addition, ICS security is closely tied with functional security and a successful hacker attack could lead to production accidents.

Our ICS Security Assessment service identifies security flaws in ICS on all layers: starting from physical and network security, to vendor-specific vulnerabilities in ICS components such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and others. This service provides you with information on the consequences of vulnerabilities exploitation, evaluates the effectiveness of implemented security measures, and enables you to plan further actions to fix detected flaws and improve security.

  • Penetration testing

    A security assessment that simulates various types of intruders upon your choice with the goal to elevate current privileges and access the ICS environment

  • ICS Infrastructure Security Assessment

    White-box security assessment including the analysis of the technical ICS documentation, interviews with ICS personnel, analysis of the industrial systems and protocols in use, resulting in comprehensive technological audit of your ICS components in the production environment

  • ICS Solution Security Assessment

    A deep security research of the software and hardware ICS components conduted in the test environment with the goal to find new vulnerabilities, followed by pre-approved demonstrations on the real system

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    A summary report detailing all discovered vulnerabilities and security flaws, with actionable recommendations for immediate resolution

Case Studies

Eхplore examples of Kaspersky Lab security solutions at work in the field

  • Severstal under protection
    Severstal under protection

    Cooperation with Kaspersky Lab has given security professionals at Cherepovets Steel Mill a fresh perspective on the contemporary landscape of cyber threats targeting industrial organisations. The findings were factored into the development of the security strategy for both IT systems and process control systems.

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In Use

  • ICS Security Assessment by Kaspersky Lab helps organisations to:

    • Understand the weakest spots of ICS and focus on improving the corresponding security processes
    • Avoid human, environmental, financial, operational and reputational loss that potentially could be caused by malefactors, by proactively detecting and fixing the vulnerabilities which could be used for attacks
    • Analyse systems’ compliance to ICS security standards specific to your region and industry, for instance NERC CIP standards
    • Comply with government, industry and internal corporate standards requiring that security assessments are performed
  • Prevent unauthorised access to critical network components

    Various vulnerabilities leading to obtaining unauthorised access to critical network components may be identified, including:

    • Insufficient physical protection of ICS equipment
    • Vulnerable network architecture, insufficient network protection (including flaws in separation of the ICS network from other networks)
    • Vulnerabilities leading to network traffic interception and redirection (including ones in industrial communication protocols)
    • Vulnerabilities in ICS components, such as SCADA, PLCs, smart meters, etc.
  • Detailed reporting and remedial recommendations

    As a result of the service, customers obtain a report containing:

    • Detailed technical information on the testing process
    • Full results
    • Security flaws and recommendations
    • A comprehensible executive summary explaining conclusions on the testing results and illustrating industry-specific attack scenarios
    • Screen videos with attack demonstrations and final presentations for your technical team or top management

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