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Kaspersky Incident Response

Managing the aftermath of a security breach


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to prevent information security incidents. But, while it may not always be possible to halt an attack before it penetrates your security perimeter, it’s absolutely within our power to limit the resultant damage and to prevent the attack from spreading. The full weight of Kaspersky Lab’s global expertise can be brought to bear on the resolution of your security incident.

Incident Response

Covering the entire incident investigation cycle to completely eliminate the threat to your organization

Digital Forensics

Analysis of digital evidence related to a cybercrime, revealing a complete picture of an incident

Malware Analysis

Providing you with exhaustive information about the behavior and functionality of specific malware files

The Risk

While your specialists work hard to ensure the security of every network component, a single vulnerability can offer an open door to any cybercriminal intent on gaining control over your information systems. No one is immune: however effective your security controls, you can become a victim.

Lost business and opportunities
Negative publicity
Downtime expenses
Significant penalties and fines
Increased insurance premiums 
Damage to credit ratings

In Use

Get your systems and business operations back on track faster

  • Rapid, fully-informed response and remediation 
  • Reduced recovery times and costs 
  • Specialists with extensive practical experience

Obtain detailed information on the specific malware sample

  • A complete understanding of its behavior 
  • Detailed reporting on sample properties and functionality 
  • A clear and effective remediation plan

Understand the reasons, sources and impact of the incident

  • Analysis of the incident indicators 
  • Identification of the related malicious files 
  • Incident timeline and logic reconstruction

Suitable for

This solution is particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of these enterprise sectors.

Case Studies

Abu Dhabi Racing


For businesses like Abu Dhabi Racing and for the Government of the UAE, the drive for economic growth and development of a technology-enabled, knowledge-based society comes hand-in-hand with the need for sophisticated IT security systems and risk management provisions.

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