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Operational technology

Critical infrastructure, OT environments and cyber-physical systems

Industrial cybersecurity goals

Building an integrated Information Security Management System (ISMS) responsible for cyber-physical protection of information and operational technologies often consdered a a key enabler of industrial enterprise's sustainable growth strategy and included digitalization projects.

Experts build layered protection for automation systems in commercial operation in line with their service life and update cycle. They must take into account various challenges and data like:

  • sub-optimal network connectivity
  • relatively low network visibility
  • crucial importance of process continuity
  • current personnel skills and existing access levels
  • threat and vulnerability landscape
  • core systems ICS vendor recommendations and approvals
  • expert audit plans and results
  • regulatory requirements
  • compliance with legislations*
  • adherence to industry standards and best practices*

* ISO/IEC: 27001, 27002, 27019, 27032, 15408, 62443, 62351; NIST: CSF, SP 800-82; NERC CIP; ENISA guidelines; NIS / NIS2 directive; IMO MSC.428(98); ICAO and IAEA regulations etc.


Security challenges in Power, Grids and Utilities
By protecting power plants, substations and grids, we ensure the continuity of critical industrial and utility operations at all levels. We defend against a wide range of information security threats aimed at disrupting power systems and their elements.
Security challenges in Oil, Gas and Chemical
A comprehensive, specialized protection against information security threats to oil fields, mines, plants, and fuel logistics: from equipment and automated process control systems to information systems

Security challenges in Minerals, Metals and Mining
We prevent attacks on the mining and metallurgical complex aimed at disrupting technological processes and immobilizing equipment: crushers, furnaces, foundry machines, rolling mills, ore processing plants.

Security challneges in manufacturing
We mitigate the risks of loss of control, equipment failure, and damages due to information security incidents for highly automated businesses in the pharmaceutical, power and heavy equipment, microelectronics, pulp and paper, food and beverage, and aerospace industries.

Kaspersky OT CyberSecurity

Distinctive ecosystem that seamlessly integrates dedicated OT-grade technologies, expert knowledge, and invaluable expertise. Anchoring this ecosystem is the KICS platform, serving as its foundational core.

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