Kaspersky Security Awareness

More than 80% of all cyber-incidents are caused by human error. Enterprises lose millions recovering from staff-related incidents – but traditional training programs usually fail to achieve the desired behavioral changes and motivation. Understanding what lies behind any learning and teaching process helps to build an effective educational program. Our programs not only deliver knowledge, but – more importantly – change habits and form the new behavior patterns that are the real goal of awareness training.

  • Setting objectives

    Goal-setting based on global benchmarking against world/ industry averages

  • Learning management

    Automated learning management; Comprehensive curriculum of cybersecurity competences; Variety of content formats

  • Reporting and Analytics

    Live tracking of data, trends and forecasts; On-the-fly analysis of potential for improvement whether it's needed

  • Program appreciation

    True gamification based on relevant everyday participant experiences, offering competition and challenge and preventing overload

Suitable for

This solution is particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of these enterprise sectors.

Kaspersky Lab has launched a family of computer-based training products that utilize the latest learning techniques and address all levels of the organizational structure. Our integral approach consists of modern learning techniques ensuring all employees are trained up to their best needed level. Gamification, learning-by-doing and repeated reinforcement help to build strong skills retention and prevent obliteration. Each training is engaging and highlighting the personal importance of cybersecurity. It emulates the employee's workplace and behavior, drawing users’ attention to their practical interests, thus contributing to the motivation to learn and guarantee that the skills will be applied.

Case Studies

Explore examples of Security Awareness solutions at work in the field

  • Tsuruoka National College of Technology (TNCT)
    Tsuruoka National College of Technology (TNCT)

    Solution: Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS)

    TNCT is a higher education institution, based in Yamagata, Japan.
    The organization was founded in 1963, and specializes in IT, electrical and electronics, mechanical engineering, and industrial chemistry. Japanese vocational training provider arms its students with practical steps to tackle cyber threats, with Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS)

  • Yarra Valley Grammar School
    Yarra Valley Grammar School

    Solution: Security Awareness Platform

    Yarra Valley Grammar, Australia, is in the top 10% of Victorian schools for academic achievement. At a time when data breaches in Victorian schools have been increasing, a key priority for them has been to improve the cyber security awareness of teachers and administrative staff.

  • Stedin Group
    Stedin Group

    Solution: Security Awareness Platform

    The group’s area of operation mainly comprises of the Randstad, the Rijnmond and Botlek areas, of the Netherlands. Its 5,000 employees are collectively responsible for the development, construction, supervision, maintenance and management of energy networks.
    The Rotterdam-based network operator connects more than two million customers to various energy suppliers and has a turnover of more than one billion euros.

The Programmes

  • Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) Games

    • Custom-built software simulates the impact cyber-attacks and associated management decisions can have on business performance and revenue
    • Gameplay develops an understanding of cybersecurity measures
    • Establishes a better security understanding among senior managers and decision makers
    • Increases awareness of the risks and security problems of running modern computerized systems
  • Security Awareness Platform

    • Employee skills training platform develops cybersafe behaviour through typical scenarios and situations, cyberattack simulations, different tasks and explanations
    • Builds an understanding of potential threats and provides the skills needed to deal with them
    • 25+ interactive training modules covering all areas of security with simulated phishing attacks, knowledge assessment and benchmarking data for optimum effectiveness
  • Cybersecurity for IT Online (CITO training)

    • Interactive training for IT generalists (IT support, service desks, etc), where standard awareness programmes are not enough, but in-depth security expertise is not required.
    • Develops practical skills essential to recognising a possible attack in an ostensibly benign PC incident, and collecting incident data for handover to IT Security
    • Each of the 4 modules consists of a short theory section, practical tips and a set of hands-on exercises in the specific skills needed in day-to-day work
  • CyberSafety Management Games

    • Interactive workshop (a combination of computer-based and instructed learning) focuses line management on the importance of cybersecurity in their jobs and develops the competences essential to maintaining secure working practices in their divisions
    • Provides managers with an understanding of cybersecurity measures, and a straightforward set of actions for their adoption in the workplace
    • Develops cybersafe decision-making, positioning cybersecurity issues as an integral part of business processes
  • CyberSafety Culture Assessment

    • Cloud - based survey analyzes current everyday behavior and attitudes towards cybersecurity at all levels of the enterprise, revealing how employees perceive different aspects of cybersecurity
    • Assessment results can be used to recognise imbalances and areas for greater focus,  justifying and aligning priorities in the internal and external activities of the Security Department, including awareness and training

Support and delivery

Forms of delivery:

  • The services of professional KL-certified trainers
  • Enterprise licensing ('Train the Trainer') for Security & HR teams to run the training internally
  • Authorised Training Centre licensing for training providers

Service and support:

  • Education Best Practice guides and support (included) 
  • Managed Service (optional)

The Risk

Kaspersky Security Awareness creates a strong and self-sustained corporate cyber-environment through a gamified, visual and corporate-wide learning approach. This is the only way to successfully fight the human mistakes that are the biggest cyber-risk to enterprises today.

  • Scan

    80% of breaches are caused by employee inadvertence and negligence

  • Scan

    $400 per employee per year - the average cost of phishing attacks alone

  • Scan

    Our training programmes reduce monetary losses from attacks by 50-60%

  • Scan

    $865,000 - the average impact of incidents involving employees actions

  • Scan

    Standard awareness programmes are inefficient and hard to manage

  • Scan

    The ROI in Kaspersky Security Awareness is up to 30 times outlay

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