Auto-Renewal Plan

Our hassle-free Auto-Renewal Plan is designed to save you time, effort and risk by extending your subscription automatically before it expires*.

Benefits of automatically renewing your licence include:

Uninterrupted protection  — Your subscription will continue with continuous protection

Worry free, peace of mind that your devices are always secure

Saves you time  — we take care of everything for you and will send you notifications to inform you of your next billing date & confirmation that your licence has been renewed

Flexibility  — You may unsubscribe from this service at any time

* Renewal prices are subject to change, additional online offers & discounts may be available at the time of your renewal which cannot be applied to your subscription. We will send you at least one email reminder to notify you of this. You will also receive by email confirmation of the renewal price you will pay, and the duration of your new subscription, before it is automatically renewed. You may be required to upgrade to the latest version of Kaspersky for free at this time.
Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

KasperskyInternet Security for Mac 2016


Protect Your Digital Life

13 reviews for Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  • Internet Security

    Product loaded well, works well in background. So far excellent working tool.

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  • very easy to install.when using the key system.did not have to install my self automatic installed when my old protection ran out.

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  • Appears as good as the microsoft version

    Once the product is set up it appears to do the job well. One criticism is that once installed and you have updated the files it tells you the data bases are severely out of date. This is somewhat daunting. The tech team could not solve the problem. The solution, found by myself, is to reboot the system and the fault disapears.

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac


    I now operate Kapersky on four computers and can only say that it stands head and shoulders over other products on the market. I would suggest that Kapersky provides the benchmark against which all other products should be evaluated against.

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  • Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus home for a MacBook Pro 13

    Although considered less vulnerable from attacks than Microsoft based Systems I decided the time had come to protect my MacBook Pro and chose Kaspersky. The protection is discreet and thorough and I am satisfied it was a wise purchase.

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  • One of the best AV products for Mac OSX.

    Good reliable AV security features for Apple Macs.

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  • Easy all-round protection

    Easy to install. One of the few reliable systems iOS

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  • Even Apple Products Require Protection

    Being a Silver Surfer and having used XP Pro with AVG security for the last 10 years could not contemplate changing to Windows 8 so went over to the dark side and purchased an iMac.Other users of the Apple products assured me that one did not need any anti virus programmes as hackers only targeted window products! I was persuaded to change to Kaspersky by a review I read in Computer Active and so far have been satisfied with the performance and after sales assistance received.

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  • Great Security

    I have no problems with Kaspersky for Mac. I can surf away with the knowledge that the security will keep me safe online., It updates automatically and I do not have to do anything with it.

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

  • Provides the extra security I need ...

    I obtained KASPERSKY free of charge as part of my online account with Barclays Bank plc.. I did have a problem recently when it came to renewing my licence, as the Kaspersky website kept asking me for payment, whereas I was aware that renewal with Barclays would again be free. Fortunately, all has now been resolved. I do consider Kaspersky to be a valuable addition to my Internet security. I am a Mac user.

    This review is from Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

To get the best out of your Mac, you need proactive protection.

That’s why we defend you from hackers, prevent your online activities being tracked, protect your kids from online dangers… and add extra security when you shop & bank online.

  • Defends your digital life, without slowing you down
  • Helps you to keep your private life… private
  • Adds security for online shopping & banking

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    • SECURITY – Protects against viruses, attacks, spyware, cybercrime & more

      We all need to guard against digital dangers – so our award-winning security helps you protect against attacks & infections, warns you about dangerous websites and keeps your security up-to-date.

    • PRIVACY – Defends against phishing, spying & online behaviour tracking

      Don’t let snoopers and phishers steal your confidential information. We help you guard your personal data, prevent your online activities being monitored and block unauthorised use of your webcam.

    • MONEY – Boosts security when you’re online shopping or banking

      Fraudsters are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to steal money. So our unique security technology – Safe Money – helps you protect your money and your account details… to stop cybercriminals stealing them.

    • PARENTAL CONTROL – Helps you protect kids against online dangers & more

      Because children are vulnerable to a wide range of Internet-based risks, our Parental Control features help you to steer your kids away from online dangers, block inappropriate content & websites and manage your kids’ messaging on social networks.

    • PERFORMANCE – Lets your Mac perform…. just as it was designed to

      Security shouldn’t slow you down. So we’ve worked hard – combining protection and performance – to ensure your Mac doesn’t have to work so hard… and you can get on with your busy life.

    • SIMPLICITY – Simplifies your security… giving you easy, online control

      Nobody wants to waste time getting to grips with complex security. That’s why we give you a free My Kaspersky account that makes it easy to manage your security from anywhere you can get online.

  • For all devices
    • Internet connection required - for product installation, activation, updates & for access to some features
    • Webcam Protection is available for a range of compatible web-cameras. For the full list of compatible devices, visit
    Mac desktops & laptops
    • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
    • 770 MB free space on the hard drive to download & install the application (depending on antivirus database size)
    • macOS X 10.9 − 10.12
Security Cloud

KasperskySecurity Cloud

Want to protect more? Get a FREE trial of Kaspersky Security Cloud – security that senses dangers & automatically adapts to protect you.


  • Have been Apple/Mac user since 84! Installed K over two years ago! Not many attacks but stopped 11 attacks/Trojan horses during that time! Great feeling of protection in the background! Updates protection when needed!

  • Unlike many anti-virus products, Kaspersky Security does not slow my system down. It works unobtrusively in the background. Of course, Macs do not get a lot of virus attacks, so sometimes one wonders if it is working. You'll find out quickly that it is if you plug in a memory stick from a friend that is infected. When this happened to me, Kaspersky immediately detected the virus, alerted me, and removed it.

  • have had several anti virus systems but Kapersky is far superior. Why: because it does not keep interupting with messages it just gets on with the job. Particularly like the secure banking feature as I have had cards frauded, not since I had Kapersky though. Will definitely renew my license annually



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