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    Kaspersky Comprehensive PC and Whole Home Support

    £179.99 £199.99

    Our team can solve all of your PC and networking support issues. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your own technical support expert.

    • Remote support – sit back and relax, we do it for you!
    • Restore your PC to peak speed and performance!
    • Share with family & friends, no more supporting their devices! Get your time back!
    • Solve a wide variety of software, operating system and wireless network issues.
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    Kaspersky Complex PC Solutions & Advanced Virus Removal

    £89.99 £99.99

    Experiencing pop-ups, slow speeds or self-installing programs? Fix your malware problems immediately. Connect with a remote expert who can remove your virus today.

    • Remote support – sit back and relax, we do it for you!
    • Provide deep level detection, diagnosis and complete removal of pre-existing viruses, malware and spyware.
    • Repair your unbootable system without loss of data. Resolve blue screens, slow start-ups, and other operating system issues.
    • Prevent future pop-ups, security issues and performance slowdowns.
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    Kaspersky PC Tune-Up

    £44.99 £49.99

    Whether you want to speed up your PC or clean up your hard drive, our experts team can return your computer and operating system to peak performance.

    • Improve performance with setting and update checks from an expert.
    • Remove unnecessary items that could be slowing you down.
    • Optimize your hard drive and adjust browser settings.
    • Improve memory management and schedule critical updates.
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    Kaspersky Web Browser Optimiser

    £13.49 £14.99

    Going online with an out-of-date web browser can put your devices at unnecessary risk. We can help optimise your browser security settings and clean up any data your browser no longer needs to clean your registry for improved safety and performance.

    • Browser security optimisation
    • Remove unnecessary toolbars
    • Best practice browser settings
    • Speed up your PC with registry clean-up
    • Remove all malware residuals
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