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Unified threat management, commonly abbreviated as UTM, is an information security term that refers to a single security solution, and usually a single security appliance, that provides multiple security functions at a single point on the network. A UTM appliance will usually include functions such as: antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, network firewalling, intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering and leak prevention. Some units also provide services such as remote routeing, network address translation (NAT), and virtual private network (VPN) support. The allure of the solution is based on simplicity, so organisations that may have had individual vendors or appliances for each separate security task can now have them all under one vendor umbrella, supported by one IT team or segment, and run through one console.

How UTM Appliances Block a Computer Virus — or Many Viruses

Unified threat management appliances have gained traction in the industry due to the emergence of blended threats, which are combinations of different types of malware and attacks that target separate parts of the network simultaneously. Preventing these types of attacks can be difficult when using separate appliances and vendors for each specific security task, as each aspect has to be managed and updated individually in order to remain current in the face of the latest forms of malware and cybercrime. By creating a single point of defence and providing a single console, UTM solutions make dealing with varied threats much easier.

While unified threat management solutions do solve some network security issues, they aren't without some drawbacks, with the biggest one being that the single point of defence that an UTM appliance provides also creates a single point of failure. Because of this, many organisations choose to supplement their UTM device with a second software-based perimeter to stop any malware that got through or around the UTM firewall.

What is Unified Threat Management (UTM)?

Industry definition for the term Unified Threat Management (UTM). Unified threat management, commonly abbreviated as UTM, is an information security term that refers to a…
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