Computer viruses, worms and Trojan viruses can cause many different types of damage to computers, networks, mobile devices and data.

How malware problems can affect home users and businesses

The extent of the damage caused by malicious software will often depend on whether the malware has infected a home computer or a corporate network. The consequences of the damage may also vary according to the specific type of malware and the type of device that is infected – plus the nature of the data that is stored on or accessed by the device.

Whereas, in some cases the results of a malware infection may be imperceptible to the user, in other cases the damage can have serious consequences:

  • For home users, an infection may involve the loss of relatively unimportant information that can be easily replaced or it could result in the loss of information that gives the cybercriminal access to the user’s bank account.
  • On a corporate network, a Trojan virus that sends spam may generate a minor increase in communications traffic, whereas other types of infection could result in the complete breakdown of the corporate network or the loss of business critical data.

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