What is Auto-Renewal?

Auto-Renewal will extend your license automatically without you needing to lift a finger. Before your subscription expires, you will be charged a renewal fee to keep your protection going*. We’ll remind you about the upcoming payment beforehand via email. You can cancel Auto-Renewal at any time – in which case you’ll need to renew your license manually.

Why Auto-Renewal?

Continuous subscription & uninterrupted protection for your devices

Saves you time: no fuss over billing details & activation codes

You stay in charge: we remind you about upcoming billing dates and you can unsubscribe at any time

* Renewal prices are subject to change, additional online offers & discounts may be available at the time of your renewal which cannot be applied to your subscription. We will send you at least one email reminder to notify you of this. You will also receive by email confirmation of the renewal price you will pay, and the duration of your new subscription, before it is automatically renewed. You may be required to upgrade to the latest version of Kaspersky for free at this time.
Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Secure Internet access for your employees

Working with the World Wide Web is critical to the majority of today's businesses. Your corporate internet gateway doesn't just give access to internet resources for your employees - it also provides an entry point for cyberthreats out to target them through social engineering, and to attack your endpoints with sophisticated malware. Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways offers significant risk reduction in areas including infection, data leaks and internet distractions.

  • Provides Next Gen protection against the latest web-based threats
  • Blocks infections before they can reach your endpoints
  • Negates the effects of social engineering
  • Readily complements your existing gateway-level defenses
  • Reduces your exposure to attack by controlling internet resource usage
  • Supports and assists regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Allows the management of multiple independent workspaces

    A strategically placed layer of corporate cybersecurity

    Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways exploits the role of the proxy server as a natural bottleneck for web traffic passing between the corporate infrastructure and the outside world, protecting your corporate IT network by containing threats early and reducing your threat exposure. The breadth of features provided to achieve this, the ease of use and the unsurpassed quality of protection we offer means that Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways stands head and shoulders above other web traffic security products on the market today.


    The same most tested, most awarded security – and more

    One of the most powerful stacks of protective technologies in the industry identifies, blocks and disables any dangers in inbound and outbound web traffic, filtering out malware, ransomware and potentially unwanted programs with a near-zero false positive rate. It's the same unprecedented levels of security found in all Kaspersky Lab products, supported by global threat intelligence and incorporating next generation technologies.


    Multi-layered security, optimized for hard work

    Kaspersky’s unequalled malware protection incorporates multiple proactive security layers, including those based on machine-learning algorithms, assisted by powerful cloud-based mechanisms. Reputation and content filtering, anti-phishing and web control all provide further layers of protection, and the solution as a whole forms an important layer of the infrastructure-wide Kaspersky Lab integrated security platform


    Governing internet usage - for both security and productivity

    The ability to govern access to specific web-based resource categories and to restrict the transmission of some file types reduces your threat exposure while promoting business efficiency. By restricting access to dangerous and potentially time-wasting websites and social media, levels of business risk associated with the actions of employees can be dramatically reduced.


Strategic protection for the whole IT infrastucture

  • Blocks attacks before they reach their targets

    It makes practical and financial sense to block web-based threats at gateway level if possible, dramatically reducing the business disruption created when these threats penetrate through to your endpoints, where where they can launch attacks which will cost time and money to remediate. And in those cases where the implementation of endpoint protection is impracticable or not recommended, optimized gateway security is of course critical.

  • Reduces the risk from human factors

    Attackers adept at social engineering make it their business to predict what's likely to attract and distract your workforce, using this vulnerability to infiltrate your systems through tempting click-throughs, attachments, and invitations. Web gateway security can't be sidestepped by social engineering, as can be possible with endpoint-based protection. So your data, your assets and your employees remain safeguarded.

  • Scales with your business

    The solution is highly scalable, allowing for multiple node management and hierarchical deployment. The ability to assign and manage dedicated areas separately, or in combination, is particularly valuable for diversified organizations and Managed Service Providers. Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways can also co-exist with gateway security systems from other vendors, providing an additional layer of perimeter protection.

  • Provides the internet in the shape your business needs

    Granular web control enables you to choose which users can access which internet resources and when, in line with the specifics of your business operations, your in-house policies or in accordance with regulatory requirements. Specific file types or website categories can be blocked, and access to specified web resources can be restricted to non-working hours, lunch-breaks etc. If required, a Default Deny scenario can be implemented, restricting the use of any web resources not absolutely necessary for a particular user’s or group’s work - taking risk reduction through internet access control to a new level.

  • Reduces maintenance hassle

    Any endpoint security incident, however minor, generates work for the IT administrator, and mass attacks at endpoint level can bring a hard-pressed IT department to its knees, as it works against the clock to check the incoming volley of alerts. Gateway security alerts are generally single-source, making them faster and more straightforward to deal with – so it makes sense to deal with threat alerts generated at gateway level if possible.

  • Security that wins more awards… does more to protect

    Don’t just take our word for it. In recent years, our products have participated in more independent tests and reviews – and have achieved more first places - than any other leading security vendor. Results that speak for themselves.

Additional Information


Increasing security in other elements of your infrastructure.

Kaspersky Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced Enhanced security with extended management & data protection

  • Multi-layered security for physical endpoints and servers
  • Covers multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android
  • Manages centrally from the same Kaspersky Security Center
Kaspersky Security for Mail Server

Security for Mail Server For Microsoft Exchange and Linux mail

  • Scan incoming, outgoing & stored mail
  • Intelligent spam filtering reduces traffic
  • Prevent the loss of confidential data
Kaspersky Security for Storage

Security for Storage Security for Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • Unified, fault-tolerant architecture
  • Minimal impact on NAS performance
  • Highly scalable storage security
Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

Hybrid Cloud Security Protect your physical, virtual and cloud workloads

  • Multi-layered threat protection for workloads and virtual desktops
  • Unified management and orchestration across the entire hybrid infrastructure
  • Scenario-specific protection for better resource efficiency
Applications Inside

Applications Inside

One license lets you use all these applications:

System Requirements

For the most complete, up-to-date requirements, please refer to Kaspersky Knowledge Base.

Version requirements for subscription

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways can also be purchased on subscription – with flexible, monthly licensing. Please check with your local partner about subscription availability in your country – and see the relevant system requirements here.

  • Hardware requirements

    Worker server hardware requirements:

    • CPU: Intel Xeon E5606 (4 cores) 1.86 GHz or more;
    • 8 GB RAM;
    • Swap partition at least 4 GB;
    • 100 GB of hard drive space, including:
    • 25 GB for temporary file storage;
    • 25 GB for log file storage.

    Master server hardware requirements:

    • CPU: Intel Xeon E5606 (4 cores) 1.86 GHz or more;
    • 8 GB RAM;
    • Swap partition at least 4 GB;
    • 100 GB of hard drive space.

    If you install the Master server and a Worker server on the same physical server:

    • CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon E5606 (8 cores) 1.86 GHz or more;
    • 16 GB RAM;
    • Swap partition at least 4 GB;
    • 200 GB of hard drive space, including:
    • 25 GB for temporary file storage;
    • 25 GB for log file storage.
  • Software requirements

    Software requirements to install Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways applications

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7.5 x64.
    • Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.
    • Debian 9.5.
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3.
    • CentOS version 7.5 x64.

    Additional requirements

    • Ngnix versions 1.10.3, 1.12.2 and 1.14.0.
    • Load Balancing HAProxy version 1.5.
    • Squid 3.5.20 if you install the Squid service on the Worker server.

    Software requirements for managing Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways apps via the web interface

    We recommend using one of the following browsers to run the web interface:

    • Mozilla Firefox version 39.
    • Internet Explorer version 11.
    • Google Chrome version 43.
    • Microsoft Edge version 40.

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