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Today’s business focus on digital transformation is triggering rapid cloud adoption. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security keeps that process safe and efficient. With one product for all your cloud security needs, one license for all workloads, and one console to manage your whole hybrid infrastructure, security becomes one less thing to worry about – leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your digital transformation journey.

Best-of-breed protection

Multi-layered threat protection proactively fights the broadest range of cyberattacks including malware, phishing, and more.

Cost-efficient approach

Our flexible licensing model and a unified cloud console streamline costs and save labor hours, helping you get the most from your security budget.

Optimum security performance

The platform-agnostic product provides outstanding protection without in any way compromising the full benefits of virtualization and cloud-based operations.

Regulatory compliance support

The wide range of features supports full compliance with cybersecurity regulations and reduces the number of routine manual tasks involved in ensuring adherence.

Case studies

See how organizations and businesses are benefiting from
Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security.

Texas-based bank
As a closely regulated and scrutinized financial services institution, this Texas-based bank has stringent requirements to keep the huge quantities of personal data it holds on behalf of individuals and organizations secure against increasingly sophisticated and persistent attacks by cybercriminals.
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Brazilian customer experience specialist NEO was looking for a solution that could protect the company against digital threats, viruses and malware. After running proof of concept exercises with market leaders identified by Gartner, the Kaspersky solution was the most robust and cost-effective.
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Ideal for service providers
As an MSP, MSSP or CSP, you’ll appreciate how easily you can integrate Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security into your infrastructure and deliver it as a service to your customers, securing their cloud journeys with you. Our new step-by-step implementation guide makes the integration process faster and simpler than ever.

Suitable for

Organizations with cloud-native architectures, those focused on cloud migration and digital transformation, DevOps practitioners, and highly-regulated businesses with compliance concerns.

Public sector
Industrial enterprises
Comprehensive cloud infrastructure protection
When combined with Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security, Kaspersky Container Security forms the Kaspersky Cloud Workload Security ecosystem. It provides comprehensive protection of your hybrid and cloud infrastructure against various attacks, which reduces the time to detect and respond to threats.

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