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As a research-driven company, Kaspersky’s focus is always on delivering the technologies our users need rather than hyped-up applications.

Multiple layers of proactive, intelligent technologies intermesh to provide powerful, resilient defense with minimal impact on speed or resources, and no software conflicts or security gaps.

Our customers value the results that Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business delivers – as confirmed by regular independent tests, surveys and reports.

  • Automated EDR

    Automated EDR identifies abnormal behavior, automatically detecting and remediating evasive ransomware and in particular fileless threats as they try to mimic common behavior like PowerShell script execution.

  • Adaptive Endpoint Control

    Adaptive Endpoint Control reduces the opportunities for human error by preventing risky behavior on endpoints. It does this with features like Application, Web and Device Controls, and other defenses capabilities.

  • Critical Server Protection

    Agile threat protection has been developed specifically for high-performance application and file-share servers. Business-critical email or web- gateway servers receive targeted security as well.

  • High performance

    A unique cloud mode for endpoint components uses global threat intelligence and delivers powerful defenses with minimal impact on PC resources. And we can prove it - see our awards.

  • Straightforward migration

    Straightforward migration from third-party endpoint protection helps ensure a smooth, error-free transition, while a post-deployment quality assurance audit service can confirm that the configuration is correct.

  • Patch Management

    Automated Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management delivers painless, up-to-date patching of applications – which is an easy-to-overlook yet critical task.

  • Delivered from the cloud

    Our enterprise-grade cloud console provides granular controls, making this SaaS offering suitable for organizations with mixed environments. We also take care of upgrades and more, at no extra cost.

  • Ready for GDPR

    Certified encryption functions protect corporate data and confidential customer information to help you achieve key compliance goals, including GDPR.

Kaspersky Sandbox

Complementing the functionality of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, Kaspersky Sandbox enables in-depth dynamic analysis – and thus significantly increased blocking – of unknown, targeted and evasive threats.

Suitable for

This product is particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of the following enterprise sectors.

Case Studies

Explore Kaspersky solutions at work in these real-world case studies

		Ferrari S.p.A.                
    Ferrari S.p.A.                

    Ferrari took a strategic decision to choose Kaspersky as their IT Security provider. They wanted to introduce more stringent IT security measures to protect their core business and ensure an increase in safety.

		Axel Springer SE           
    Axel Springer SE           

    Axel Springer is one of Europe’s largest media companies and has a clear ambition: to become the leading digital publisher. To ensure that its IT infrastructure was protected against malware and other attacks, Axel Springer chose to redesign its IT security system with a solution from Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security
Common Criteria: EAL 2+ Assurance level certification
Kaspersky Endpoint Security
SE Labs: Enterprise Endpoint Protection comparative test
Kaspersky Endpoint Security
NSS Labs: Advanced Endpoint Protection v.3: Recommended
Kaspersky Endpoint Security
Customer Choice Recognition in Gartner Peer Insights 2018.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security
Gartner Critical Capabilities for Endpoint Protection Platforms, 2018
Kaspersky Endpoint Security
The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q3 2019

In Use

  • Adaptive protection against all cyberthreats

    Several signature-less components detect threats even without frequent updates:

    • Layered and interlocking technologies for ‘gapless’ protection of every endpoint, within and beyond your perimeter.
    • Real-time threat intelligence from the global experts.
    • Machine learning (ML) for pre-execution and post-execution stages of the kill chain.
  • Advanced control for every endpoint

    Our constantly evolving security technologies are further enhanced by powerful control and data protection tools:

    • Adaptive Anomaly Control, Application Control with Dynamic Whitelisting and Default Deny automatically raise security levels to the highest level appropriate to each role in the organization and significantly minimize the risk of zero-day attacks.
    • Device Control guards against the consequences of data loss on unapproved or unencrypted portable devices, and the uploading of infected data from the device.
    • Web Control prevents torrenting use and potential data leakage.
  • Automated vulnerability detection and patch distribution

    Stretched resources and escalating systems complexity makes effective patching a challenge. Kaspersky Vulnerability and Patch Management saves time and resources, while optimizing security, by centralizing and automating essential security configuration and management tasks, including:

    • Vulnerability assessments
    • Patch and update distribution
    • Inventory management
    • Application rollout.


Premium Support

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit and ROI from your Kaspersky security installation.

White Papers

Learn more, with thought leadership from our globally recognized cybersecurity experts

Be prepared – get results

The global threat environment is advancing exponentially, putting critical business processes, confidential data and financial resources at increasing risk from zero-day attacks. Be prepared – with Kaspersky you can mitigate the risks that these threats pose to your business:

  • Scan

    Ransomware and crypto-locker attacks threatening your data

  • Scan

    Phishing attacks on employees

  • Scan

    Bodiless malware that's hard to detect

  • Scan

    Exploitation of vulnerabilities, including zero-days

  • Scan

    The loss of sensitive data from a lost or stolen device

  • Scan

    Lost productivity due to a malware epidemic

Let’s start a conversation! To talk to one of our experts about how Kaspersky solutions can inform your corporate security strategy, please get in touch.

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