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Healthcare Cybersecurity

True Cybersecurity where it matters most

Creating Cyberthreat Immunity in the Healthcare Industry

Digitalization should not impair cybersecurity efficiency.

Healthcare providers are among the institutions in which we place the most trust; critical infrastructures in that they are vital to the well-being and safety of the public. While hospital trusts, medical institutes, and research labs handle unique and valuable assets, important new workflows have evolved in this sector, bringing new and accelerated security challenges.

Systems are now interconnected and mobile devices extensively used both for remote access and for data sharing. This digitization increasingly exposes healthcare organisations to both generic and targeted attacks.

Most awarded, most wanted, most reliable security.

Kaspersky’s True Cybersecurity approach features a spectrum of Next Gen technologies, including multilayered security for endpoints including physical and virtual machines, mobile devices, embedded devices in medical equipment and even cloud based workloads, applying cloud-assisted threat intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to protect systems against most advanced cyberthreats.

Our solutions deliver the precise capabilities needed to build a highly adaptive, straightforward healthcare security ecosystem, without adding complexity to critical processes or impairing the speed and efficiency of IT systems and infrastructure.

Secure patients’ health records

IT systems holding and processing sensitive and confidential details about individuals form an attractive target for cybercriminals. We help to secure both patient and staff data against theft, loss or corruption.

Ensure availability of healthcare services

We understand that disruption to healthcare services may have a devastating impact on patients’ health, so our cybersecurity solutions are engineered for reliability, resource-efficiency and resilience to promote operational continuity and minimize downtime.

Keep Intellectual Property Safe

Research labs generate and house assets in the form of intellectual property that have a high value not just to stakeholders, but to cybercriminals. Our solutions build into an adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem to keep those assets safe and secure.

Maintain the Reputation

The reputation of a healthcare facility is a non-negligible asset. A cyber-attack – regardless of its nature - will damage credibility if disclosed to the public. We help mitigate risk by sharing our threat intelligence and expertise, and by providing the most advanced security tools and services.

Case Studies

Learn how today’s healthcare organisations, together with Kaspersky, have optimize their investment in security and visibility

Az Sint-Jan public hospital

AZ Sint-Jan offers innovative, advanced healthcare services. Digitization of patient care places high demands on a hospital’s ICT environment. Employees must have rapid access to the right data and at the same time, security of both the information and the network must be assured.

Adelante Zorggroep

The Adelante healthcare group’s core activities are adult rehabilitation and labor market reintegration, pediatric rehabilitation, special education & housing and audiology & communication. Adelante uses electronic patient dossiers in the administration of the rehabilitation process which is to be protected by any means.

Customer Reviews

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Modern healthcare facilities resemble a science more than a traditional hospital

The Use

  • Accelerates Security Provisioning

    We help to breach-proof your infrastructure with security capabilities that dovetail with your cyber- landscape and the collection, processing and storage of critical patient data, using:

    • Best-of-breed multi-layered protection for fixed endpoints and mobile devices.
    • Borderless security for every workload, whether in your private data centre or operating in a public cloud, or both.
    • Advanced threat management and defence capabilities that help prevent and respond to both generic and targeted attacks.
  • Easy Yet Secure Digitalization

    We combine the very best of human expertise with big data threat intelligence and machine learning to simplify and secure the process of digital transformation, through:

    • A proactive, multi-faceted approach, mitigating the risk of data loss that can jeopardize patient trust and your reputation.
    • Most tested, most awarded security with Next Gen malware detection and mitigation technologies.
    • Tightly-integrated technologies, designed in-house to avoid any adverse impact on critical systems performance and operational efficiency.
  • Security that Complements IT

    In an industry that works with huge amounts of critical data, the transparency and cross-integration of your IT and its security dictates your cybersecurity status against known, unknown and emerging threats.

    • Integration between core technologies in your infrastructure and its security layer means better protection for your patients.
    • Automated security provisioning enables the secure and uncompromised adoption of new technologies that help safeguard your reputation.
    • A perfectly-balanced blend of best-in-class cybersecurity products and services, as well as unified enterprise-level security orchestration.

Premium Support

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky security installation.

The Risk

In order to fully evaluate and raise your level of cyberthreat immunity, it’s essential that your security vendor clearly understands the processes involved into the day-to-day operations of different players in the healthcare sector, the nature of systems to be defended, their key assets and the impact a successful attack could have.

  • Failing to pay attention to, or invest sufficiently in, cyber-defences lays you open to the dangers of falling short of acceptable standards of infrastructure and data protection.

  • The fact that healthcare providers gather, share and store highly sensitive personal data makes them a particularly attractive target.

  • Complexity of IT infrastructure and disjointed cybersecurity can reduce visibility and lead to security gaps which cyber-attackers will be quick to exploit.

  • The prevention of generic attacks should go hand in hand with developing effective protection, detection and response mechanisms against targeted attacks.


Together with our technology alliances, we make hybrid clouds more secure so your corporate digital transformation remains unstoppable.

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