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Retail Cybersecurity

Rigorous security and compliance for POS terminals, workstations, mobile devices and back-office systems


Based on our deep knowledge of evolving threat landscape and our experience of working with enterprises in the retail sector, Kaspersky delivers to Market security solutions designed to cover different stages of the retail sales cycle, protecting not just POS systems and workstations but all related IT infrastructure.

Stay compliant

Meeting PCI DSS and local legislative requirements with the latest security technology, identifying and confirming security incidents, assessing their severity and prioritizing your response.

Stay protected

With security that works within the constraints of the legacy hardware and OS systems on which retail POS are often based.

Stay Open for Business

Limiting the opportunities for malicious cyber-activity, and for incidents caused by human error, helps to avoid expensive downtime and maintain business continuity for your customers.

Case Studies

Eхplore examples of Kaspersky Lab security solutions at work in the field

A.F. Blakemore

Owning 300 plus stores throughout England and Wales and serving over 1,000 retail outlets in the UK, as well as pubs, hotels and the leisure industry throughout the UK, A.F. Blakemore were looking to phase in unified security with enhanced control.

JJW Hotels & Resorts

JJW has an international reputation for the quality of its hotels and resorts and the exemplary service it provides for its guests. The security of guests personal and credit card details, and the hotels' own commercially sensitive data is paramount, and business continuity is critical to providing a smooth running service.

The Use

  • Protecting legacy and low-end systems

    Built to operate effectively even on low-end hardware

    • Efficient design delivers powerful security with no risk of systems overload
    • Requirements start from only 256Mb RAM for the Windows XP family
    • Around 50Mb space required on the system hard drive when operating in ‘Default Deny only’ mode.
    • Antivirus is provided as an optional module to provide additional classical protection where this is relevant.
  • Securing Every Endpoint

    Every workstation and mobile device able to access to your network, as well as POS terminals, centrally secured against even the most advanced forms of cyberthreat designed to penetrate your system, including:

    • Ransomware and data-cryptors,
    • Malicious emails and email attachments
    • Exploits targeting vulnerabilities in common applications you’re running
    • Cyberthreats to mobile devices and the corporate data they hold
    • Cyber-fraud aimed at you or your customers
    • Web-based attacks
  • Solutions to secure your Back office and Data Centre

    Rigorous, holistic infrastructure security for networks, servers and back-office endpoints, with unified visibility, management and orchestration, including:

    • Specific technologies addressing physical and cloud based data centres and data storage facilities
    • File and Folder Level (FLE) and Full Disk Encryption (FDE) securing confidential customer and corporate information and credentials
    • DDoS protection – short-circuiting Distributed Denial of Service attacks attempting to disrupt your business by overloading websites

Premium Support

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Premium support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky security installation.

White Papers

Learn more, with thought leadership from our globally recognised cybersecurity experts

The Risk

Cybercriminals and scammers take advantage of the the fast moving retail, so you should be aware of threats in this area

  • Targeted attacks could be in process in your system right now

  • Ransomware attacks could lock up critical data and devices

  • Malicious insider activity is a common issue

  • Confidential data loss costs more than just money

  • Compliance and regulatory challenges must be met in full

  • Data Centre attacks can cause massive damage

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