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Kaspersky Optimum Security

Building on from Kaspersky Security Foundations, Kaspersky Optimum Security helps organizations to protect their business from new, unknown and evasive threats – in a resource-conscious way.

Reduce your risk

Prevent disruption and damage to your business by reducing the likelihood of falling victim to an evasive attack.

Fewer opportunities for human error

Quickly and easily prevent employees from leaving themselves – and your
business – vulnerable to attack.

Minimum manpower involvement

Maximise your ROI by boosting the number of incidents processed automatically, without increasing your human resources costs.

Model your risks and benefits

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

  • A range of controls to help avoid financial losses – on average £92k for mid-sized businesses - caused by human error, inappropriate IT resource use and attacks via social engineering.
  • An extremely low false-positive rate ensures that you don’t get overwhelmed with alerts.
  • A security agent on every endpoint without impacting user productivity. No need to redeploy agents.

Kaspersky EDR Optimum

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  • Have «flight recorder» for reporting incidents
  • Discover previous unrecognised attacks
  • Easily understand an incident's scope and its impact
  • Apply accurate response actions to incidents before damage can occur
  • Only basic security expertise required


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  • Automatically detects threats designed to bypass endpoint protection, thanks to patented technology
  • Enables an automated cross- endpoint response
  • Operates with no human intervention required
  • Does not affect user productivity or endpoint performance

What Our Customers Say

Kaspersky is a winner with customers for the third year running – we are the 2019 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for Endpoint Protection Platforms.